automed livestock medication reports

There are several automed livestock medication reports available, from which you can quickly get the status of all the items in your medication inventory, treatment details, and job history. Each report is a sortable listing of information for a particular category. Each of the reports has a similar format. After explaining each of the reports below, we follow with an explanation of how to optimize the report display—so that you get the view that best meets your needs.


This report gives details for the dose, equipment, user, date, and release duration for each treatment.

Medication Inventory

This report lists the batch number, quantity, and type of each medication that you have in your inventory. Remember that accurate inventories in this report depend on properly receiving medication deliveries into inventory–as you receive them in your shipments.

Job History

This report lists the most recent medications that have been given on this automed account. These items are the most recent in the history, and this same view can also be seen on the Dashboard.

Moving to other pages

Each report provides information in a listing format. To continue to the next set of records, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the navigation links to move to other pages.

automed medication delivery treatments reports


Sorting a report

The default sorting of history is on the Date column. Click the small arrow (or double-arrow) of any column heading to sort the history according to the alpha-numerical order of the data in that column. Click the arrow again to toggle to a reverse ordering on that same column.

automed medication delivery treatments reports


Filter a report history

You can restrict the items that appear in the history to only those items that match one or more values. Click the Filter button near the upper right of the History listing, as shown in the figure. Then, enter text in the first column (such as “Glanv”). You could filter the list further by entering text for the Name or choosing a Date.

automed medication delivery treatments reports



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