Supported Hardware

automed current supported hardware integrations

automed has been designed to work with existing hardware currently used within the livestock industry. Currently, not all hardware on the market is supported, but automed is constantly furthering its integrations to accommodate other models and brands of hardware as required.



ManufacturerDevice NameConnection TypeBluetooth Name
GallagherTSiSerial - Bluetooth*Gallagher-TSi
GallagherTSi2Serial - Bluetooth*Gallagher-TSi2
GallagherTW1Wi-Fi & BluetoothTW1 ####
GallagherTW3Wi-Fi & BluetoothTW3 ####
GallagherTW5Wi-Fi & BluetoothTW5####
RangerRanger 2100 (Jindalee Induction)Serial - Bluetooth*RANGER2100 INDUCTION
RangerRanger 2100 (Jindalee Hospital)Serial - Bluetooth*RANGER2100
RinstrumR320Serial - Bluetooth*Rinstrum Scales
RinstrumR420Serial - Bluetooth*Rin R420
Avery Weight TronixTronixWi-Fi^N/A
Tru-TestXR3000Serial - Bluetooth*Series 3000


RFID Readers

ManufacturerDevice NameConnection TyperBluetooth Name
Aleis9030BTBluetoothAleis 5585
AleisPanelSerial - Bluetooth*Aleis
AllflexPanelSerial - Bluetooth*Allflex RFID
GallagherHR5BluetoothGGL HR5
True-TestXRSBluetoothXRS ####
Tru-TestXRS2Bluetooth XRS2 ####

* = A serial – bluetooth connection type requires an A3-BA dongle to work. This device can be supplied by automed.
^ = A Wi-Fi connection type requires an automed Beacon Device to work. This device can be supplied by automed.


Android Devices

Android OSVersion 5.X.X
Version 6.X.X
Hot Spot CapabilityRequired

For android devices the items listed outline the basic requirements needed to operate the automed application.

iOS Devices

automed will be releasing in 2018 its iOS version of the application. If you are an iOS user and would like to receive updates on this, please contact us at


What If My Device Is Not In The List?

If you own a piece of hardware that is currently not supported by automed, please send an email to with the details including the manufacturer, make, model and connection type eg bluetooth and we will assess the request. If this hardware meets our internal criteria it will be added to the supported hardware list and made available in the next release of the mobile application.

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