iOS Essentials App

The automed Essentials App is now available on the iPhone!

Note: iOS is only able to connect to WiFi Scales and not Bluetooth Scales, please contact your automed Representative to see if your scale works with the iOS Essentials App.

How to Connect your automed Deliver Device to your iPhone.

Connection with your iPhone and the automed system is through the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone.

Go to the Settings in your iPhone.

  1. Select General.

2. Select About.

3. Click on the Name and change it to: AutoMed

4. Go back to Settings page and click on Personal Hotspot.

5. Change the WLAN Password to: 12345678

6. Turn the Personal Hotspot On.

7. Open the automed Essentials app.

8. Clip on your automed Adapter and insert the battery into your delivery device.

-Make sure you see the blue status bar at the top saying at least 1 connection.

9. Now you can click the Connect button in the app to connect your automed Delivery Device.


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