How to Connect your Device to the automed Enterprise App

Start by downloading the automed App from the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Log into the app using the same log in you created for the web portal (this step requires you to be connected to the internet).

Step 2: Once logged into the app you will need to sync your app.

-This allows the data you put into the web portal to sync to the app (Click here for Enterprise user manual on how to add medication inventory).


Step 3: Clip your adapter onto your delivery device.

Adapter connection

Step 4: Insert the battery into the delivery device.

Step 5: On the app in the lower right corner click Connect

-Then click Yes

Step 6: You will need to wait until you hear your device beep twice at you and a C will appear on the screen of your delivery device.

-If after a minute your device does not connect you may need to see if your Android device you are using is running Android os 7, 8, or 9.  If so please click here to follow the instructions on how to manual set up your tethered hotspot.

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