How to configure an automed adapter

The following tutorial goes through a step by step process of how to configure an automed adapter. If at anytime you have issues in trying to carry out this task, please contact our support team for help

Remember when using the Enterprise system an adapter can only be configured once.  Once it is configured to a medication it can only be used for that medication.

Configure Adapter

Connect your automed Device to the automed App (click here for instructions).  Once connected, clip on your new adapter to the automed Delivery Device.

Click the Adapter button in the app to begin configuring a new adapter.

Choose from a listing of your medicine inventory (set up from your web portal) for your automed account.  Click here for instructions on how to add inventory to your automed account.

To configure an adapter, first, pick a medication from the listing, in the pop-up, click Yes to confirm that you have chosen the correct medication. Then tap the Configure Adapter button at the bottom of the screen.

automed livestock medication delivery platform inventory managementIf the medication that you selected is a Fixed Dose the LED light will turn green and your device will say Ready to Dose.

If the medication that you selected is a Weight Based: you’ll need to specify a dosing method: Manual to administer a fixed dose, or Bluetooth Scale or WiFi Scale to give a weight-based dose. See the figure below.

automed livestock medication delivery weight based delivery

If you tap Manual, then you’ll need to enter a dose that is less than or equal to the capacity of the adapter.

automed livestock medication delivery manual dose set

Adapters are configurable for one medication only

If an adapter has been previously configured for dispensing medication, then it is not possible to change its medication without returning it to automed. If you attempt to reconfigure an adapter for a different medication, then you’ll get an error message, “Wrong Medication Code”. on the app and the device will display the message, “Adapter Configured for another medication”.

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