automed SDK Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the most commonly asked questions related to the automed SDK. For assistance, please contact us at


Question: Does my client need an automed account?

Yes. Everyone who uses the automed system with an external software system will need an automed Enterprise subscription which can be set up via the following link


Question: Do I need to use the hotspot within my device?

Without using the mobile hotspot on the computer, you can use an external hotspot adapter, or a physical access point. The main idea is, all connections
must be under the same subnet for them to communicate. This means your subnet must have a /32 mask (eg. 192.168.137,255), and Windows SDK should be able to reach those devices via,, or etc. Also, the devices do have 3 different SDI connection options as well to run them off different networks.


Question: Does the automed system use Wifi or Bluetooth and can I connect more than one device.

The automed system connects via a WiFi connection. This also allows for more than one device to be connected at once. In fact, you can connect up to as many as your WiFi connection can handle.


Question: Can the automed system handle multiple dosing for a single animal?

Our system can handle multi-dosing, as long as you have provided the information we need in the function. For example, if a 15ml dose is required, a 10ml adapter will deliver 10ml first, and then the remaining 5ml.


Question: Do I need to use the automed standard list of medications?

When you first set up the automed integration within your system, you will need to use the automed list of medications for configuring the automed adapters. Each adapter must be coded with a unique medication ID which is provided from this list. The list of medications is quite vast and covers 90% of all medication used. However, if you find that a medication is not listed, please contact us at and we will add it to the list.


Question: What languages are supported?

The current SDK’s support C#, Swift, Java.


Question: Can I use our locally stored weight data to calculate the dose, or do I need a scale head connected?

The SDK allows you to use both a scale head or stored data. The only thing automed needs to set the dose is either the weight of the animal or the calculated dose. You do not need to have a scale head connected if you want to use your pre-recorded weights.


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