automed Integration – Tru-Test XR5000

Connecting XR5000 to the automed mobile app

Follow these simple steps to ensure seamless integration between the automed application and your Tru-Test XR5000.

  1. Power up both the Tru-Test XR5000 and the mobile device with the automed application installed on it
  2. On the XR5000 press the “HOME” button so you can access the home menu


  1. Press the “SETTINGS” softkey




  1. Check both the VID and EID boxes. It doesn’t matter if you are not recording this information about your herd, this sets the data structure correctly for automed.


  1. Press the “HOME” key again to return to the home menu
  2. Press the “SETTINGS” softkey
  3. Press the “NEXT PAGE” softkey to move to page 2 of the settings


  1. Press the “RECORDING” softkey
    1. If you need to turn “Drafting” off
      1. Press the “HOME” softkey
      2. Press the “SETTINGS” softkey
      3. Press the “SORTING” softkey
      4. Press the “Change other sort settings”
      5. Use the arrows to disable the “Sorting setup”


  1. Check “Automatic, when weight is stable”. The options below can be set if RFID tags are being used. If RFID tags are not being used, then check the “Do not wait for ID” option. If RFID tags ae being used, check either of the other two options. Once set push the “back” arrow.


  1. Tap the “CONNECTIONS” softkey


  1. Turn “on” Bluetooth on both the mobile device and the XR5000. Then using the mobile device, search for “XR5000” and attempt to pair with it. The pairing passcode is “0000”. Once paired, the mobile device name will appear in the XR5000 devices list. Using the directional keys, highlight the device and press “ENTER” then select “CONFIGURATION”


  1. Set output to “Weight and Data” when weight is recorded


  1. The XR5000 is now paired and configured for use with the automed system.

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