automed Integration – Tru-Test S2

Tru-Test S2 Connection Guide

Follow these simple steps to ensure seamless integration between the automed application and your Tru-Test S2 Scale Head.

Pairing the S2 with your Android Device

  1. Power up both the Tru-Test S2 and the Android device with the automed application installed on it.
  2. In your Android device go into your Settings.
  3. Click on your Bluetooth setting.
  4. Search for Bluetooth devices near you and pair your Android device with the S2.
  5. Once your Android device says you are successfully paired with the S2 open up your automed app.

Connecting to your automed App

  1. Clip your adapter onto your device.
  2. Insert your battery into your device.
  3. On the automed app click Connect in the lower right corner.
    • When asked if you want to enable WiFi Access Point click Yes.
  4. Once your device is connected to the app it will beep at you twice and a C will appear in the left corner of the screen of the device.
  5. If your adapter isn’t already configured please Click Here to see instructions on how to configure a blank adapter.
  6. If your adapter is already configured to a weight based drug the following will occur:
    • A pop up will ask you to pull the trigger on your device to configure your adapter.
    • You will then be asked to select your Batch.
    • A third popup will appear asking you to Select Weight Input Method.
      • Click on Bluetooth Scale.
      • Select the S2 scale from the list of scales.
    • When your scale has successfully connect to the app the following message will appear: Connection Successful. Waiting for Animal Weight.
    • Your device will say Weigh Animal when you pull the trigger if no weight has been locked in.
    • Once a stable weight is locked in the scale your device will say Ready to Dose and your LED light will be green.
      • If your dose is larger than the capacity of the adapter, after you pull your trigger the first time your LED light will flash green at you to let you know you have a second dose to administer.


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