automed Integration – Gallagher TSi2

Gallagher TSI/TSi2 Connection Guide

Follow these simple steps to ensure seamless integration between the automed application and your Gallagher TSi/TSi 2 Livestock Manager.

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth Dongle is configured to the below settings for both the TSi and the TSi2 units. If the dongle has been supplied by automed these settings will be pre-configured.
    1. Device Name: Gallagher-TSi2
    2. Baud Rate: 9600
    3. Data Bits: 8
    4. Stop Bits: 1
    5. Parity: N
    6. Handshake: Hardware
    7. Side Switch Position
      1. DB9-Pin9
      2. DCE(F)

  1. Plug the Bluetooth Dongle into the TSi/TSi2 unit serial port closest to the power connector and the power up the indicator. A steady “RED” LED and flashing “BLUE” LED will be visible.

  1. Pair the Bluetooth Dongle with the mobile device. The dongle is called “Gallagher-TSi2”, the passcode is “1234”
  2. Start a new session and select “Stats only session with no animal identification” if you do not have an RFID tag. If you select “Full session with animal identification”, you will need to scan an RFID tag before the weight is broadcast to automed.

5. Once the new session opens, tap “options”. You can check that the session will automatically lock a weight by tapping “session options”.

  1. From the options page, select “connect equipment” to ensure the communications port is setup correctly. Configuration is as per the below image.

  1. Once the system is setup, connect the adapter and the battery to the delivery device and open the automed app. Sync the app by tapping the three button menu in the top right hand corner and select “sync now”. Once synced (requires an active internet connection) tap “connect”. When the window appears to select the weight input method, tap “Bluetooth Scale” followed by “Gallagher-TSi2”.
  2. The “BLUE” LED will now be on steady and the system will be waiting for a weight to be recorded. Place a weight on the load beams (>15kg) and when the TSi/TSi2 beeps to record the weight, the automed device will beep indicating it is ready to dose. The weight from the scale will be displayed in the automed app once the dose has been delivered.

If you have any questions regarding connecting your Gallagher-TSi2, you can contact us at 

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