How to updated the firmware for the automed delivery device


The purpose of this document is to provide a step by step guide on updating the automed firmware for the AM05 delivery device. If at any time you are having issues in doing this please contact our support team who will be more than happy to work through this process with you.

What you need:

  • Windows based PC
  • Android USB micro B cable
  • Download the DfuseDemo application
  • Download the automed Firmware


Step 1

Download the DfuseDemo application on your Windows based PC and open the application. (click here)

Step 2

Download/Save the automed Firmware onto your PC. (click here)

Step 3

Connect the USB to automed USB connecter. (tip: do not have the USB connected to your PC for this step)

automed USB port

USB port

Step 4

Press and hold the automed applicator trigger while plugging in the USB cable to the PC.  Keep the trigger pulled until the countdown is complete.

Release Trigger to Start

Step 5

The device will now display the bootloader screen and the trigger can be released.

Bootloader Started

Step 6

On the DfuseDemo application;  the DFU device is the automed applicator.

Note: Steps 3-5 must be completed first before the DFU Devices box will show: STM Devices in DFU Mode.

Available DFU Device


Step 7

Click Choose on the DfuseDemo application and select the firmware (*.dfu) then click Open.

Choose Firmware

Step 8

Click the Upgrade button.

Step 9

Accept the pop up message.

Pop up message

Step 10

The new firmware will be loading and once the DfuseDemo application says Upgrade successful! You can then click Quit.

Step 11

Connect the battery to the device and ensure it powers up correctly and displays the new firmware version V2.30.


If at any time you require further assistance, please contact our support department

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