How to Install and Setup the automed app

Download and Install the automed App

The automed app is available through the Google play store. To download the automed app go to the Google play store, type in “automed” into the search bar and look for the automed image (As shown below). Once you have located the automed listing, click the image.

automed google play application icon

If you are having issues trying to locate the automed app in the Google Play store, use the link below to take you directly to the Google playlisting.

automed google-play-badge

When you have clicked the automed listing, you will be taken to the automed listing page where you can view all of the information about the automed app and its reviews.

On this page click the install button to download the automed app and install it onto your Android device.

Google Play automed app

Follow the prompts to give the app access to your device. When the installation is complete, you can find the automed icon in the Apps section of your device.

When you have completed your installation of the automed app, you are now ready to log in and get started.

Before proceeding, it is important to ensure you have already setup your automed account in the automed web portal and set up each of your required users. If you have not already done this, please proceed to Web Portal tutorials.

How to Login

After opening the app, you’ll need to login to your automed account. Enter your username and password, and then click the arrow—as we show in the figure.

automed application login
If you don’t remember your password, select the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts.
When you have successfully logged into the app, you will see the treatments screen appear. When you first log into the app, you will not see any records within this view until the app is synced with the online server for the first time.
automed livestock medication treatments
The syncing process when you first log into the app will happen automatically. With some mobile devices, you may experience the below error when you first log into the app.

If the above error occurs, restart the app. When the app has restarted it will show you the treatments screen and will sync the app first the first time.

How to manually sync the automed app

To manually sync the automed app with the automed web portal click the small menu icon in the upper-right corner as shown below.

automed medication delivery device configure side menu button

it is good practice to sync your data during your breaks or straight after the completion of a batch of treatment. By doing this, it ensures the data is successfully synced to the automed Web Portal and backed up.


When you see, the drop menu appear, select the Sync Now menu button. It is important at this stage to make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet.

automed livestock medication delivery sync menu item
When the sync now button has been clicked the app will then connect to the automed Web Portal via the internet and start the sync process.
automed app sync completed
When the app has completed the sync process, you will see the following message appear down the bottom. If the sync process were not successful, you would see the following error appear.
 automed network error
If this error occurs, you need to check to make sure no automed device is connected to the app and that your WiFi or mobile data is switched on.

How to Logout

To log out of the automed app, go to the top right-hand corner and click the button with the three (3) verticle dots.

automed medication delivery device configure side menu button

When you have clicked the menu button, scroll down and select the Logout menu item

automed livestock medication delivery logout menu item

You will be presented with a message asking you if you want to log out of the automed application. If you are happy to proceed, press the OK button or click the Cancel button to cancel the logout process.

automed app logout notification

Once you have logged out of the automed app, you will return to the login screen where you can log back into the application.

automed application login

 An internet connection is required to log into the automed application and synchronise the data

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