How to manage your automed account

In the online portal, you can manage various parts of your automed account by clicking the items in the Account menu (see the figure below):

  • Sites — the details about your individual sites within your enterprise
  • Users — add and maintain user accounts
  • Settings – manage your enterprise details
  • Equipment — manage all of your automed devices
  • Integration — get your API key and access the API documentation

automed Account Settings


Click the Account > Sites menu item to manage the details of your individual sites. This information is especially helpful for support and account identification. As we show in the figure below, you’ll find tabs at the top of the main panel: Inventory, Users, and Details. 

Site Details

After editing the information in each of these tabs, click the Save button to commit your changes.


Enter your medication and non-medication inventory for the specific site.  User is able to set minimum and maximum inventory limits per item.


Click the Users tab to view all users who have access to that site and to view their role for the site.


Click the Edit tab to edit the Address information for the site along with Industry, Tax No and Website.


Click the Account > Users menu item drop-down to manage the details of your users for your enterprise. You’ll be able to  Change Passwords, Add Users and  Add Site Access.

Changing a User’s Password

To change the password for a user click on the users name in the left menu.  Under the User Details click on Reset Password.  An email will be sent to the user with instructions on how to change/reset their password.

Use Details

Add and Manage Account Users

To add a user, click on the New User tab. Fill in the required fields and click Save.

New User

NOTE: When selecting a Role for the user: Mobile User accounts are limited to access of the mobile automed application. Mobile User accounts cannot access dashboard features, such as purchases.  Dashboard Users are only able to log in and view the web portal.  Manager Users are able to access both web portal and mobile automed application to add/edit inventory.

An email message will be sent, prompting the user to activate the account, which includes choosing a username and password. The user must activate the account within 24 hours.

Add Site Access

To add site access for a user start by clicking on the users name in the left menu.

  • Click Add Site Access
  • Check the boxes of all sites you want to grant the user to have access to
  • Click Save

Add Site Access



Click the Account > Settings menu item to view the Enterprise Details. Edit the Enterprise Details by click Edit.

Enterprise Details


Click the Account > Equipment menu item to view a listing of all trackable automed devices and adapters.


We provide an open API synchronization protocol that gives you the ability to integrate your automed account with other software systems and cloud solutions. By accessing our REST API resources with your API key, you can connect your system to the automed backend and retrieve virtually all of the data in your account. In this way, the automed system becomes a seamless extension to larger 3rd-party rural management systems already in use in piggeries, dairies, and feedlots. All information retrievable through our API is also useful for supply chain companies that require the life-data of an animal, or a pharmaceutical company that needs precise traceability information for individual drug batches.

An API is a simple, secure token that permits access to the automed from another system. Click the Account > Integration menu item to view the API key for your account, as shown in the figure below.

If necessary, you can create a new API key by clicking the Generate API Key button. Click in the field and ensure that you select the entire key to copy it.

automed API Key

Click the link to view the complete set of API documentation.


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