Live Data API (AIDA)


automed Integrated Data Access (AIDA) provides an authenticated read/write interface to the automed treatment system, allowing other devices connected to the automed WiFi hotspot network to access and interact with the automed treatment system in a secure manner, with access rules and guidelines determined by automed.


AIDA is a HTTP-based RESTful API.

When enabled, the automed app running on a compatible Android device instantiates a HTTP service running on port 8080.

Pre-release versions of AIDA only support HTTP connections.  HTTPS connections will be supported in future production releases of AIDA.

Pre-release versions of AIDA only support discrete requests made from clients to the AIDA service.  Future production releases of AIDA will support HTTP keep-alive connections with requested data pushed to the client through those connections (for example when providing a live stream of treatment objects as they are recorded by the automed app).

Client Connection

To connect to AIDA, a client needs to be configured as follows:

  1. Connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the Android device on which the automed app is running (using the WPA2 credentials for that connection)
  2. Obtain a DHCP address from the Android device
  3. Obtain a valid Client Token from automed.  Client Tokens are used to log which client applications & services are retrieving or posting data to AIDA, and are issued by automed to external developers and integration partners by request / approval.
  4. Make a HTTP GET or POST request conforming to the specifications below
  5. Parse & process the JSON response returned by AIDA.


All HTTP requests made to AIDA will require a Client Token to be provided in the request header.

Client Tokens are assigned by automed directly, and are issued to external developers and integration partners for use in a specific application / client device following review and approval of that device by automed.

Client Tokens issued by automed differ in their access permissions, and will generally only allow access to AIDA API functions specifically requested by the external developer or integration partner at the time of issuing the Client Token.

Client Tokens may be revoked and/or re-issued by automed at any time without notice.

Farm Level Access Control

By default, an authenticated Client Token provides access to all authorized features regardless of the user account currently logged into the automed app.

Farm account managers can request that particular functions or particular Client Tokens be prevented from accessing AIDA when the automed app is logged in with a user account from that Farm.

automed Limited Environment Connectivity & Integration Access

In addition to the publicly available AIDA APIs, a limited set of slim-protocol APIs are implemented in AIDA to facilitate integration with RS232 hardware (RFID readers and Scale Heads) using generic WiFi-Serial adapter hardware.

These APIs do not conform to the standard AIDA JSON data transfer protocols due to limitations with the adapter hardware; instead the type of data being sent to AIDA and any response variable options are specified in the URI, with the payload of the POST request being directly processed by the appropriate data parser within the automed app.

These APIs are only exposed through AIDA when appropriate permissions have been granted to the farm account by an automed administrator.  It is intended that these APIs will be used for legacy site hardware integration work until the equipment can be updated with full AIDA-compatible adapters.


More information to be provided at a later date.

automed Environment

automed Environment

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