Adapter Troubleshooting Guide

The adapter troubleshooting guide provides a step by step guide to identify and fix problems that can occur with the automed adapters. The guide below will outline issues that are associated with the electronic connection, priming of the device or mechanical operation.

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Problem: Adapter is not fitting correctly to the Device

If the adapter does not connect to the applicator properly or the delivery device reboots consistently. To fix this issue, disconnect the adapter and ensure the plunger connection is flush with the adapter body.


Problem: Adapter is not filling correctly or giving incorrect dose

When an adapter is connected to the applicator incorrectly, the drive plunger will push the plunger all the way to the front of the adapter. When this happens, the delivery device plunger will not be able to pull the adapter plunger back to its starting positions.


To return the plunger to the correct position, take a paper clip or wire to insert into the back of the adapter body to fish out the plunger.


Insert the plunger back into the adapter body.  See image below for correct placement.


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