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Adapter Troubleshooting Guide

The adapter troubleshooting guide provides a step by step guide to identify and fix problems that can occur with the automed adapters. The guide below will outline issues that are associated with the electronic connection, priming of the device or mechanical operation. If at any time you feel you need support, please contact us.

If at any time you feel you need assistance, please contact us.

Problem: Adapter is not fitting correctly to the Device

If the adapter does not connect to the applicator properly or the delivery device reboots consistently. To fix this issue, disconnect the adapter and ensure the plunger connection is flush with the adapter body.

It is also important to make sure that the drive piston is correctly positioned on the delivery device. To do this simply push the piston back with your finger until it is flush with the base.

Once you have done this reconnect the automed adapter, prime it, check that it is dosing correctly and the presume your medication treatments.

Problem: adapter will not prime

If the automed adapter does not properly prime, the issue is caused by a faulty inlet valve or outlet valve. The valves are designed to create a vacuum in the adapter to allow the medication to be delivered and refilled. Valve (a) (as shown below) is the line feed connection, and Valve (b) is the outlet valve that is located within in the threaded nipple.

The first step to troubleshooting the adapter is to look at both valves and see if they are in the correct position. If Valve (a) has moved into the line connection as shown, this will require the automed adapter to be replaced.

If Valve (b) is not visible as shown, the threaded nipple will need to be removed and the valve re-seated.

To re-seat the valve, remove the needle from the “lure lock”, unscrew the “lure lock” fitting.

Using a pair of pliers, remove the threaded nipple by gripping it on the two flat surfaces.

Be careful not to lose the valve when removing the threaded nipple.

Re-seat the valve in the adapter body and refit the threaded nipple, making sure that the nipple o-ring is still located at the end of the adapter. Be careful not to overtighten the threaded nipple as it can crack the adapter body.

Refit the “lure lock” fitting and prime the adapter. After that adapter has been reprimed ensure the adapter is dosing correctly before medicating any animals.

Problem: Adapter only delivers One Treatment

When an adapter is connected to the applicator incorrectly, the drive plunger will push the plunger all the way to the front of the adapter. When this happens, the delivery device plunger will not be able to pull the adapter plunger back to its starting positions.

To return the plunger to the correct position, remove the “lure lock” fitting and the threaded nipple with the valve (b) to enable you to access the adapter outlet hole.

Using a tool with a smooth 2mm diameter (Small flathead screwdriver), insert it into the open hole and push the piston back to the correct position. Be careful not to push the plunger all the way out, so keep a finger over the end.

Reassemble the front of the adapter, re-prime the unit, ensure it is dosing correctly before medicating any animals.

If at any time you require assistance, please contact our support department or simply write a comment below.

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