How to create an automed support case

Create a support case

Online support is available round-the-clock for automed users to create an automed support case and get responses through email messages—or directly through the online portal.

Follow these steps to create a support case:

  1. In the left-hand menu, click on Create a Support Case.
  2. The owner name and email appear at the top of the Create Case page, as shown in the figure below.
  3. Enter a Subject that briefly describes the problem or the support that you require.
  4. Enter a complete Description of the problem or need.
  5. Choose the Priority from the drop-down listing.
  6. In the Type drop-down, select the best category that corresponds to what you wrote in the Description.
  7. After ensuring that all entries are correct, click the Submit button to generate a support ticket that will go directly to our Support Department.

automed support system

After a moment, a confirmation page will appear with a message—as shown in the figure below. You’ll also get an email that contains details about the case.

automed support system message

These are the response times for each priority level:

  • System not working — less than 1 hour
  • High — Less than 2 hours
  • Medium — Less than 24 hrs
  • Low — 1 to 2 days

Case history

To see a list of the support cases for created for your account, click the Support Case History item in the left-hand menu (see the figure below).

automed support system case history

Still need help

If you are having issues in creating an online case or would like to speak further with a customer support officer. Either email us at or phone your local country office.

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